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Natural and Vegan Soap Bars

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Our bubble soaps are inspired by the bright and mysterious language of colours, and the enigmatic scents of the natural earth. 

Gently massaging your hand & body with its daring design.


Every soap is handmade and therefore exclusive in colour and scent for you.

We never add any plastic or unnatural ingredients to our products.

100% vegan & natural, 200% fun.


Antimicrobial Soap 

Antibacterial gels and liquid soap drying out your skin?

 Are you sick of using toxic products to kill germs?


Our antimicrobial soap is a natural substitute to cleaning your hands and killing bacteria.


With a fresh peppermint scent in vivid teal, our Galati soap bar has antiseptic properties without drying out your skin.

Keeping safe and clean doesn't have to be clinical, that's why we've created this beautiful soap.


WHY Little Danube?

Using only natural ingredients and imagination, we produce pure and sustainable skincare products that recreate sweet nostalgic moments, keeping your skin clean and nourished.

Our natural soap bars are 100% vegan, fragrance and cruelty free. We believe the best natural skin care is formulated with sustainable ingredients and essential oils that invigorate the senses without the need for harsh chemicals.

Little Danube’s soap bars bring allegoric scents that transcend towards a past that is soft and distant. 


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Vegan Friendly

Plastic Free



Leaping Bunny



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Being sustainable is cool

It's not cool to use whale fat in your beauty products or waste tons of plastic to package a product. 


ALL products are safe, non-toxic, ethically sourced, and environmentally sensitive. 

NO parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicone's, mineral oils or animal derived ingredients are used in our soaps.

100%  handmade soaps through a cold press process in small batches with high quality, food-grade and partially organic ingredients.

ALL soaps are made with  pure essential oils and coloured with natural minerals powder referred to as “nature’s glitter” and earth clays.

SUSTAINABLY is how we package everything.

We use beautiful Eco-friendly tissue which is made from acid free paper and soy based ink. Our soap